Gail Kelly

Gail Kelly has been the driving force in keeping MacKay & Company moving forward with respect to Technology since 2009. She coordinates social media campaigns via LinkedIn, MacKay e-News and manages the website content and spearheaded the branding consistency between the website and reports/publications.

In 2015, after research and evaluation, Gail implemented a cloud based solution to replace the legacy database by customizing the interface and importing existing data. This option saved a great deal of time and money, having the new software solution ready within one month.

This summer, Gail is leading the company to enhance security while moving to additional cloud-based solutions and updating productivity software.

Gail is your main contact for User administration and support.  Don’t hesitate to contact her and share screens to find opportunities to enhance your user experience.

Additional roles she takes on include Software/Hardware Vendor Management, interface development and desktop support. Gail feeds off of audio books for inspiration, positive attitude and creativity in order to lead a happy life, full of challenges and obstacles to overcome in order to achieve her goals.


Favorite Movie Scene:

“Cool Hand Luke” - shoveling gravel onto the tar.

Luke starts working harder and harder and shoveling faster and faster. Yeah the guys don't know what he's doing but they try to keep up and they follow him because they admire him. Eventually the tar truck runs out and has to go get more tar. Luke worked beyond expectations and earned himself a chance to rest and regroup.


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