Truck and Trailer Service Study 2011

Our update to our 2007 Service Study was completed in the fourth quarter of 2011. The sources of research information utilized in the 2011 Medium and Heavy Duty Truck & Trailer Service Study are very similar to the resources utilized in 2007. In addition, the general approach to developing research closely parallels the methodology also used for the original 1997 Study and its first update in 2003.

The primary sources of input for this current study were:

  1. Specific survey input from 1,534 operators of medium and heavy duty trucks and trailers, totaling over 54,000 pieces equipment
  2. Service-related data from surveys conducted for DataMac® Truck for the
    2007-2011 periods. Over 16,500 truck and trailer operators participated in these surveys. These operators represented 215,000 medium duty trucks, 417,000 Class 8 power units and 632,000 trailers
  3. Detailed surveys conducted with nearly 100 truck dealers and independent service providers in 2011
  4. As in 2007, a detailed review of all repair and replacement frequency data for each of the components in MacKay & Company's DataMac® Truck program
  5. An extensive review of industry standard repair manual sources as well as labor hour research.

In total, over 18,000 operators of medium and heavy duty trucks and trailers representing more than a million pieces of equipment contributed service data for our current study. As a result, this study represents an extremely comprehensive portrait of both the entire truck and trailer service market as it currently exists-and a solid perspective into where vehicle maintainers anticipate their business will be looking forward well into this decade.

Some of the highlights of this study include:

  • The 2011 Truck and trailer service labor market is estimated to total 495 million service labor hours, exclusive of tire service (although this is was added to our 2011 study).
  • There has been a shift to extend time periods between service activities, a direct function of improvements in product quality and reliability. As a result, preventive maintenance is no longer the number one service activity in terms of labor hours per vehicle per year.
  • Service labor required to support the current universe of 2.8 million Class 8 trucks is virtually identical to the total labor hour requirements in 2007, 293 million hours. Paint & body and preventive maintenance remain as the leading segments in the labor picture.
  • The current 3.7 million trailers in operation generate demand for 84 million service labor hours annually.
  • The majority of the service labor activity continues to be performed by the end user. The independent garage and the OE truck dealer represent other service channels utilized by operators.


2007 Truck and Trailer Service Study

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