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  1. DataPulse Report

    The first quarter of 2015 gave us some economic challenges that, hopefully, will dissipate over the coming year. Heavy Duty utilization was down slightly, 0.3 points, to 84.4% but 3 points higher than 2014 Q1. (DataPulse Report 4/29/2015)


  2. Trivia Question 2015-5

    There have been hundreds of manufacturers of commercial vehicles in North America since 1900.  There is at least one for every letter in the alphabet.  How many of them can you name?


  3. 1979 International Harvester Transtar 4070B II tractor

    1979 International Harvester Transtar 4070B II tractor is the 30th annual model in a series of vintage truck models launched in 1985. This is only our second IH truck (#1 in 2008) and our second tank trailer (#1 in 1999).


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