We deliver what you want to know.

MacKay & Company is a pioneer in market research for commercial trucking, construction and agricultural equipment. We’ve progressively refined and modernized our methods to deliver the most intensive, relevant market research available.

Consult with our dedicated MacKay & Company staff to leverage our research to your optimal benefit. It’s our principal goal to make your company more successful.

Here are some of the ways our clients use MacKay & Company research:

  • Analyze data from specific market sectors
  • Access reports on base market activity
  • Download support data for strategic planning
  • Conduct new product analysis
  • Carry out acquisition studies
  • Execute distribution system evaluations
  • Consult to create individualized and multi-level reports

How it works

  • Discover

    We help you ask the right questions.
  • Study

    Our researchers collect and interpret the right data for you.
  • Collect

    We compile these findings into easy to use formats.
  • Analyze

    We help you understand the results.