Aftermarket. Data. Intelligence.

How DataMac® Works

We begin with Research

DataMac goes to the source, the people who purchase the equipment and turn the wrench.

We typically survey 5,500+ individuals annually.

Then we break the data down through extensive Analysis

Statistically valid results. Confidence.

Finally, we package our findings and Share

We make our information available to subscribers in a variety of useful formats.


    Online access to our full database puts all the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Reports

    We cut through the fog and tell you what we think you need to know.
  • The Roadshow

    We visit clients annually to present our findings and provide market insights.
  • Publications

    We publish findings via DataPulse (quarterly) and DataPulse Plus (monthly).

Explore everything DataMac® has to offer.

  • DataMac® Truck explores current and projected replacement demand for truck parts and components. This product data is available covering Lite Duty (Class 2c-5) Trucks in U.S. and also Medium and Heavy Duty (Class 6-8) Trucks in U.S., Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

  • DataMac Agriculture

    DataMac® Ag monitors the maintenance practices of farm operators and measures farm field equipment parts demand by means of a continuing process of original survey research cultivating into extensive parts demand data analysis.

  • DataMac Construction Equipment

    DataMac® CE excavates annual demand for replacement parts used in mobile off-highway construction equipment.

  • DataMac® Tire rolls out data and reports related to the U.S. replacement tire demand for 16 tire segments for Classes 6, 7, and 8 vehicles and trailers.

  • DataMac Lube

    DataMac® Lube is slick as it covers six markets within one tool showing the demand for lubricants and coolants used in on-highway and off-highway vehicles including Construction Equipment, Agricultural Equipment, Class 6-8 Trucks, School Buses, and Class 2c-5 on-highway Light Duty Vehicles. DataMac® Lube identifies the total annual U.S. demand for replacement engine oil, coolant, diesel fuel additives, gear oil and hydraulic transmission fluid.

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