Aftermarket Index

Participant Study


The Aftermarket Index provides participants with monthly insight on activity in the aftermarket for the United States, Canada and Mexico for both original equipment and independent channels. As a participant, sales data is submitted and then summarized data is then returned to all participants. All individual participants’ sales data are kept confidential. With 20 participating companies, the Index provides a comprehensive view of aftermarket sales activity and trends.

The North America Index includes the following reports:

  • Total sales with monthly, quarterly and YTD percent changes. 
  • 3-month moving average versus 12-month moving average for total sales. 
  • Rolling 12-month YTD change in total sales. 
  • Sum of average sales per day for all companies. 
  • 3-month moving average versus 12-month for sum of average sales per day. Monthly percent change in sales per day