Market Studies


Truckable Economic Activity

TEA®, MacKay & Company’s proprietary measure of trucking activity, provides a unique perspective on the industry.

Aftermarket Index

The Aftermarket Index provides participants with monthly insight on activity in the aftermarket for the United States, Canada and Mexico for both original equipment and independent channels. (Intended for component manufacturers.)


A comprehensive study of the medium and heavy duty truck and trailer Electronic Components Aftermarket. What is the current size and forecast of the electronic components aftermarket in the U.S.? What are the purchasing channels, options, and service practices for these components?

On-highway e-Commerce Parts Purchasing STUDY

MacKay & Company continues to closely examine the online parts purchasing patterns of medium and heavy duty fleets. Explore MacKay & Company results or have the MacKay market research experts identify patterns and opportunities specific to your data.

Off-Highway e-commerce parts purchasing study

Mirroring our in-depth look into the On-Highway E-Commerce Parts Purchasing, this dive into the Off-Highway vocations will highlight parts purchasing and online activities specific to fleets who are often off-site and, as a result, have varying parts needs and demands.


MacForecast® is MacKay & Company's thoroughly tested micro-forecast of the demand for commercial vehicles.


This comprehensive Service Study of the Medium and Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer Service Market provides answers you need to make smart business decisions.

Future of Distribution

Planning for the next decade in Heavy Duty Parts and Service Distribution.