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DATAMAC explores current and projected replacement demand for parts and components and is the world's largest database for aftermarket parts analysis.

We analyze.

We break the data down through extensive analysis.

Statistically valid results. Confidence.


We research.

DataMac goes to the source, the people who purchase the equipment and turn the wrench.


We typically survey 5,500+ individuals annually.

We share.

We package our findings and make our information available to subscribers in a variety of useful formats.



Online access to our full database puts all the information you need at your fingertips.


We cut through the fog and tell you what we think you need to know.


We visit clients annually to present our findings and provide market insights.


We publish findings via DataPulse (quarterly) and DataPulse Plus (monthly).

Explore everything DataMac has to offer.


DataMac® Truck explores current and projected replacement demand for truck parts and components. This product data is available covering Medium and Heavy Duty (Class 6-8) Trucks in U.S., Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

DataMac® Ag monitors the maintenance practices of farm operators and measures farm field equipment parts demand by means of a continuing process of original survey research cultivating into extensive parts demand data analysis.

DataMac® CE excavates annual demand for replacement parts used in mobile off-highway construction equipment.

DataMac® Tire rolls out data and reports related to the U.S. replacement tire demand for 16 tire segments for Classes 6, 7, and 8 vehicles and trailers.

DataMac®  Lube is slick as it covers six markets within one tool showing the demand for lubricants and coolants used in on-highway and off-highway vehicles including Construction Equipment, Agricultural Equipment, Class 6-8 Trucks, School Buses, and Class 2c-5 on-highway Light Duty Vehicles. DataMac® Lube identifies the total annual U.S. demand for replacement engine oil, coolant, diesel fuel additives, gear oil and hydraulic transmission fluid.

DataMac® Light Duty covers vehicles in weight Class 2c - 5. (GVWR 6,001 - 19,500 lbs). The retail sales for these vehicles has steadily increased. With the replacement business being a key element driving both growth and profitability, companies need to gain insight into this vacillating market.

DataMac® Transit Bus & Motor Coach Bus — Today there are approximately 39,000 motor coaches in service in the United States operating in quite a highly fragmented industry. The U.S. transit bus fleet is somewhat larger than the motor coach fleet, approximately 85,000 vehicles.

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