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Farm Field Equipment Aftermarket Monitor and Forecast

  • January 2017 - Data Now available by Crops
    1. Corn & Soybeans
    2. Wheat & Oats & Barley
    3. Hay & Forage
    4. Vegetables & Fruits
  • Equipment: Tractors, Combines, Chisel Plows, Disc Harrows, Field Cultivators, Corn Planters, Grain Drills, Bailers, Forage Harvesters, Mowers, Rakes, Windrowers, Field Sprayers, Commercial Sprayers
  • Categories: Engines, Drivetrain, Maintenance, Electrical, Hydraulics, Harvesting, Ground Engaging, Equipment Repair
  • Study maintenance practices of farm operators
  • Establish net replacement population and frequency
  • Identify type of repair or replacement part farmers select
  • Determine equipment average annual usage in hours or acres
  • Annual replacement acres/hours demand data covering over 560 components.

U.S. Bundle: Includes AG Report (view Table of Contents), (online interface for your custom data analysis), onsite presentation of material.

Brazil Bundle: Includes AG Report (View AG Brazil TOC), (online interface for your custom data analysis).

United States 2008-2021

Brazil 2013