DataMac® Tire

Capitalizing on the Tire Aftermarket Opportunity with quantified tire replacement market research.

Markets: Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty and Trailer

  • Tires: Radial and Bias
  • Tire Types:New and Retread Tires
  • Vehicle Classes: Class 6,7,8, Trailers, Container Chassis
  • Vehicle Population, Miles to Replacement, Average Annual Miles grouped by Vocation
  • Retail Sales by Vocation, Distribution Channel (Type of business where tires were purchased), Point of Service (Location where vehicle is repaired or maintained)

U.S. Bundle: Includes Tire Operator Report, Tire Distribution Report, Data Pulse (Quarterly), DataPulse Plus (Monthly) subscription, (online interface for your custom data analysis), onsite presentation of material.


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