2019 E-Commerce Study

MacKay & Company conducted its inaugural E-Commerce Study in 2017. With input of 1,000 truck fleets, traditional channels, across the counter and over the phone still constitute the majority of parts purchasing.

This 2nd examination of the ever-changing and evolving online medium and heavy duty parts purchasing patterns will leverage findings from our first Study and also explore new topics and areas of interest.

AND AS A Study participant, YOU will have the opportunity to add topics pertinent to your business.


What we learned in 2017:

  • E-Commerce channels were utilized for 12% of all purchases and are expected to increase to 15% within three years.


Convenience and price are driving online purchases

What we are looking at in 2019:

  • Profile of the online customer

  • Product types most frequently purchased online

  • Online parts purchasing expectations

  • What support is expected with an online purchase?

  • Understanding online parts purchasing channels – email, e-commerce site through dealer / independent channels, online commerce sites

  • What additional service are incentivizing fleets to purchase online?

  • Sourcing issues