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Disruptive Technology is Driving Change

MacKay & Company and Cornerstone Growth Advisors have teamed up to offer our industry the latest information on Five Disruptive Technologies: Autonomous Vehicles, Electric Vehicles, Last Mile Delivery, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and Blockchain. NextMile (through our research teams, subject matter experts and industry veterans) identifies the lastest advancements in these areas.

What does NextMile provide through its service?

  • Time savings - we find the most relevant and important news items
  • Reviews - the topics through reports and summaries
  • Expert advice - how best to position your company to address these ever-changing disruptive technologies.

We are your EYES in the industry...bringing you what you need to know and explaining the impact on your company. Questions? Please contact John Blodgett or email john.blodgett@mackayco.com.  


Heavy Duty Aftermarket Dialogue 2019
Monday, January 28, 2019


Times, they are a changin'

Bob Dieli, Economist

Bob Dieli, Economist

How are they changing, you ask...

The first change is taking place at the Federal Reserve.

With the addition of several board members appointed by President Trump, monetary policy is becoming better defined. The main issue for the Federal Reserve Board is to more tightly focus their principal policy criterion. Inflation remains important, but other issues, such as trade, are gaining prominence.

The second change focuses on wages. Wage growth will be the main topic of conversation in the labor market for the rest of the year. Until small business decides to share in their current prosperity, the trend in wage growth is expected to be stalled.

What does this mean for the truck industry?

Concerning trade: Foreign trade causes truck moves. 25% of TEA®, Truckable Economic Activity, is directly associated with trade. In a trade war, imports will go down and exports will go down...both imports and exports are found in the back of the truck. Trucks are on the front line of a trade war.

Concerning wages: Rising wages are always an issue. In the truck industry, driver wages have been a hot topic for quite a while. If wages begin to rise in other parts of the economy, the impact will be seen in trucking as the driver pool will leave trucking for higher paying jobs elsewhere. 

Concerning trucking costs: Did you know that General Mills announced an increase in the price of Cheerios citing truck-related shipping costs? They did. Shipping costs could become a flash point as inflation picks up.

Dr. Robert F. Dieli,  Economist


In 2018, MacKay & Company is updating our 2014 study of the Motor Coach and Transit Aftermarket. In our initial examination of this market, we profiled 125 components.

Our survey work is set to begin mid-summer, which allows study participants to get in on the ground level – providing input on survey questions and specifying tailored component research needs. 

If this a market of interest to you and you want to ensure that your component areas are included, please contact Travis Kokenes for pricing or email travis.kokenes@mackayco.com.  


DataMac® Lube

Industries: Light Duty, Medium and Heavy Truck, Construction Equipment and Agriculture Equipment.

New this YeaR: All of our Lubricant data is available through our online application.

In 2018, ALL of our DataMac® Lube products will be updated. This service tracks replacement demand for lubricants and coolants consumed in on-highway and off-highway vehicles. DataMac® Lube identifies annual U.S. demand in gallons for replacement oil, coolant, gear oil and hydraulic fluid. Each market is segmented by size, brand used, point of removal/replacement, distribution channel and by major brand. Would like more information? Please contact John Blodgett or email john.blodgett@mackayco.com.