Proprietary Strategic Research

MacKay & Company conducts proprietary research studies for vehicle and component manufacturers, private equity firms, firms within the distribution and service channels as well as industry associations. 



Market Analysis

Vehicle and Component Manufacturers, Distribution and Service Channels, Industry Associations

Gain insight into current/ prospective/emerging markets:

Local Market Analysis

Assisting to determine new locations to expand business

Acquisition Analysis

Evaluating Companies to add to current product portfolio

Brand Awareness

Probing customers on brand usage, brand association and recognition



Quantifying the opportunity of a new market to determine potential

New Product Line

Researching 2nd line of product offering, exploring the impact of differing price points, measuring the risks and opportunities

Customer Service

Providing third party collection of satisfaction levels, determining improvement possibilities and suggestions on future direction


Private Equity Investment Research Services

Our strategic research for private equity firms falls into three areas:

Sell-side Analysis

  • Conduct market study to assess competitive position and growth factors
  • Analyze growth theses
  • Determine trends impacting future sales and market conditions
  • Analyze channel shifts
  • Determine current replacement market 
  • Project future demand
  • Examine purchase/customer criteria
  • Define the competitive landscape and assess where company compares to others

Acquisition Analysis

  • Confirm market size and composition
  • Conduct product line analysis
  • Analyze competitive products
  • Determine customer demand/product perception
  • Gather fleet feedback on product and purchase rationale
  • Investigate potential new product opportunities

Total Market Overview

  • Economic conditions
  • Aftermarket demand
  • Operating populations by vocation and fleet size
  • Retail sales
  • Vehicle utilization
  • Parts market share by distribution channels
  • Service labor market
  • Distribution analysis – dealers, independents