Private Equity Investment Research Services

Our strategic research for private equity firms falls into three areas:

Sell-side Analysis

  • Conduct market study to assess competitive position and growth factors
  • Analyze growth theses
  • Determine trends impacting future sales and market conditions
  • Analyze channel shifts
  • Determine current replacement market 
  • Project future demand
  • Examine purchase/customer criteria
  • Define the competitive landscape and assess where company compares to others

Acquisition Analysis

  • Confirm market size and composition
  • Conduct product line analysis
  • Analyze competitive products
  • Determine customer demand/product perception
  • Gather fleet feedback on product and purchase rationale
  • Investigate potential new product opportunities

Total Market Overview

  • Economic conditions
  • Aftermarket demand
  • Operating populations by vocation and fleet size
  • Retail sales
  • Vehicle utilization
  • Parts market share by distribution channels
  • Service labor market
  • Distribution analysis – dealers, independents