Truckable Economic Activity


MacKay & Company’s proprietary measure of trucking activity provides a unique perspective on the industry. With a database stretching back more than 40 years, covering major industry segments as well as particular vocations, TEA® provides a robust set of metrics and analytics. TEA® is designed to measure all types of economic activity that move by truck; from consumer goods to construction activity to imports and exports. TEA® also allows you to see the effects of the business cycle on trucking activity, aiding you to anticipate the challenges, as well as to exploit opportunities, associated with the ups and downs in trucking activity. Published quarterly, the TEA® report delivers updates to the database, laser-focused analysis of current conditions in the industry, and an outlook alerting you to major trends over the next twelve months.

TEA® is a registered trademark by MacKay & Company. Use of the mark without the written permission of MacKay & Company is prohibited.