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Chief Economist, Dr. Robert F. Dieli

Chief Economist, Dr. Robert F. Dieli

Economic Update

Total TEA® is expected to continue to grow over the course of 2016. 

The preliminary reading on the performance of Truckable Economic Activity (TEA) that we calculated from the latest GDP figures, strongly suggests that the trucking economy is moving ahead at the pace we anticipated it would during the first quarter of 2016.  Furthermore, the composition of the gain is consistent with what we had expected. Truckable Consumption made another strong contribution to overall growth, while Truckable Exports continued to lag. 

 Truckable Investment moved ahead, but at a slower pace, as a mixed pattern of gains and losses were in evidence.  While residential construction activity continued to move ahead smartly, mining and exploration turned in a very poor performance as fracking activity and other oil and gas related activity slowed further.  Helping to keep the overall pace of TEA growth on track was a rise in State and Local Government Spending.


Highlights from Stu's Article

  • The current slack demand for equipment appears to be a surprise for many – and it should not be.
  • We have been here before and are here again.
  • Trucks and trailers are a cyclical business – and have been for decades. 

DataMac® Mexico

The aftermarket for replacement parts on medium and heavy duty trucks, buses and trailers in 2015 is just over $3 billion dollars, up 4% from 2011.

The Fifth Comprehensive study of the Mexico AFTERMarket since 1995.



 As part of this study, MacKay & Company profiles replacement demand for over 300 components including annual demand, point of service, point of final sale, type of replacement component and segmentation by several vocations.


  • Aftermarket parts demand is driven by over 500,000 vehicles operating in Mexico
  • Completed nearly 400 interviews with owners and maintainers of trucks and buses as well as parts and service distribution points


By John Blodgett

Excerpts from Truck Parts & Service Editorial

Everything that helps you better understand your customer makes you a better supplier

  • What is the customer's business?
  • How many vehicles do they have?
  • What is the age profile of the vehicles?
  • What are their in-house service capabilities?

New Arrival!!

Joining the MacKay & Company family is a son for Kate and Travis Kokenes.

Jack Robert arrived on Thursday April 7th , 2016, weighing in at 7.8 lbs.