Leaker Identified

By John Blodgett, MacKay & Company

Please don’t tell anybody, but in this column I plan to leak what is going to be presented at the annual Heavy Duty Aftermarket Dialogue (HDAD) 2019. The conference is co-hosted by MacKay & Company and the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association (HDMA). It is a day of speakers and panel discussions with outlooks and reviews on the economy and heavy-duty aftermarket.


As a MacKay & Company employee, I have access to the presentations and what follows is me spilling the beans on the economic and aftermarket data to be presented.

Well, sort of.

As I write this, it is Friday, Jan. 25, 2019. HDAD is in three days. I recognize you are reading this in February (or later), I’m not really spilling the beans. And I would love to give you the inside track on the surprising comments and insights that came up during HDAD’s panel discussions, but my powers of foretelling are not that strong. Maybe it’s because I have a cold. I do know Truck Parts Service will provide — or is it provided? — great coverage of all the news that was fi t to print from HDAD and Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW).

As you also know by now (not public information on Jan. 25), the Wall has been built and was both constructed and paid for by Mexico. Mexico and their Latin American friends decided they could not take a chance that our dysfunctional Congress could easily enter their countries and cause similar havoc.