How Does YOUR COMPANY Compare to Your Competition?

Find the answer with MacKay & Company's Monthly Aftermarket Index Report.

Since 1998, MacKay & Company has managed an aftermarket index for component suppliers to the medium and heavy duty on-highway truck, bus and trailer aftermarket in North America. This report is the first and ONLY Index covering commercial vehicle aftermarket parts.

Having the possibility to compare your performance against a very similar group of companies within your same industry segment is priceless. It helps you determine the effectiveness of your sales and marketing strategies. Acting based on the Aftermarket Index information is a much better feeling than acting based on macroeconomic statistics alone.
— Participant A
We follow the index very closely. We find it to be a great tool.
— Participant B

The Aftermarket Index is a monthly report covering the size and performance of the commercial parts aftermarket. We segment the Commercial Vehicle Parts Market by country – U.S., Canada and Mexico and by two channels – the Original Equipment and the Independent Channel.

Performance is tracked: Monthly, Quarterly, Year-to-Date and for a 3-month and 12-month Moving Average. In the monthly report, we also include a blind YTD Change Per Company (no name given), sum of average sales per day for all companies and historical data back to 2009. (All individual participants’ sales data are kept confidential; only summarized data is reported to the group.)

Currently, 20 companies participate in our Aftermarket Index. With our current participation, the Aftermarket Index represents $2.8 Billion in commercial aftermarket parts sales in North America. With each new company that joins the index, the value of the Index increases because it represents a larger share of the market. Join the Aftermarket Index and begin to utilize all of this data to better understand how your company stacks up!


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