Jacob Prinsen

Jacob joined MacKay & Company in July 2015 after receiving his Bachelor of Liberal Arts & Sciences in Marketing from Viterbo University. He is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Business Analytics from Lewis University.

 Jacob assists the research department with data entry, encoding, and incentive processing. He enjoys the team atmosphere at MacKay & Company where everyone is willing to help. He looks forward to growing within the company and getting to know his colleagues better. 

Favorite Movie Scene:

“The Fighter” – the championship match.

Micky Ward is presented with numerous challenges from his career and family, and yet he is able to become the Light Welterweight champion in spite of the distractions. His family was able to eliminate their distractions in time for his championship fight. As a result, Micky demonstrates that with hard work, determination, and support any challenge can be overcome.



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