Truck and Trailer Service Study and E-Commerce Parts Purchasing Study
Updates in 2019

We are pleased to announce that we are updating both the
Truck & Trailer Service Study and the E-Commerce Parts Purchasing Study in 2019.


Truck and Trailer Service Study

Study to highlight:

  • Have fleets increased their outsourcing needs?

  • What will be the impacts of component complexity on outsourcing?

  • What new service options are present in the marketplace?

  • What is the current state of service capacity?

  • With the recent retail sales surge, what are second and third owners’ maintenance requirements?


E-Commerce Parts Purchasing Study

Study to examine:

  • E-Commerce purchasing continues to increase, have parts purchases followed this general trend?

  • What is expected with an online parts purchase?

  • What are future online parts purchasing expectations?

  • What parts are most frequently purchased online?

  • Which online channels are best meeting the fleets’ needs?