Truckable Economic Activity

In early June, we published our 2019 Q1 TEA® Report upon which the comments below are based. 

Recent anecdotal and statistical evidence suggest that the forecast you see below is still tracking the way that we expected. Over the next several weeks, we will be getting a new GDP report on activity in the 2nd quarter that will help our understanding of the forecast performance. In addition, we continue to closely follow the trade press for the effects of the tariff changes and their impact on the supply chain.


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Transit and Motor Coach 2019

We have just released our 2019 DataMac® Transit Bus & Motor Coach Aftermarket Parts Report.

Examining 170+ components on transit buses and motor coaches, our 2019 report details aftermarket demand by component and by vehicle type. Additionally, detail on who is completing the service work and where the parts are purchased is outlined both in our report and through our online application.

Covering both the U.S. and Canadian transit bus and motor coach universe, this report provides subscribers a comprehensive dive into these markets and the aftermarket demand they generate.

Contact John Blodgett for more information.

2019 Truck and Trailer Service Study

We have launched our 2019 Truck & Trailer Service Study!

Four years ago, we completed an extensive study on the service side of the market. At that time over 600 million service labor hours were needed to support the 9.2 million units in operation. Since 2015, the operating population has grown by 24% to 11.4 million units. With the population increase coupled with the strong economy and increasing complexity of the truck, examining the service opportunity is even more relevant. Our 2019 Study has just launched and will glean insights into many service labor research areas!

To provide a total look at the service labor market, we will examine this market from both the fleet and the service provider perspectives. Our fleet data collection has begun; some of the fleet survey topics include:

  • What are fleets’ service challenges?

  • Are the service opportunities expanding or contracting?

  • Are the service needs of the fleet being met?

  • How much service work is currently being outsourced and will this change in the future?

  • How are fleets analyzing the data coming from telematics systems?

  • What is the importance of VMRS coding for service transactions?

  • What methods of technician training are currently in place and how much is being spent in this area?

We welcome participant input for our survey topics - what service related issues are you and your team most interested in? What service topics would help your company build growth strategies?

To learn more about the Study, please contact John Blodgett for more information.


2019 E-Commerce Parts Purchasing Study

MacKay & Company is re-examining this ever-growing, ever-evolving, ever-changing parts purchasing method. Our inaugural look at this market in 2017 revealed that fleets, at that time, were purchasing 12% of their total parts purchases through an online channel.

The following topics represent sample questions included in our 2019 E-Commerce Study.

  • How much growth has this channel experienced over the past few years?

  • For those fleets not utilizing an online source, what is driving this decision?

  • Has your purchasing channel changed due to an online source?

  • What is the likelihood of continuing to do business with a channel that doesn’t have an online option?

  • What are fleets’ delivery expectations?

We welcome participant input for our survey topics - what E-Commerce topics are most relevant to your company? What E-Commerce challenges is your company facing? Contact John Blodgett for more info.